Reduces Water Waste

Ninety-five percent of all paper is made from wood, and large-scale deforestation and over-logging has been the worldwide result. Caboo instead uses sugarcane and bamboo in its products, renewable resources which leave a much smaller environmental footprint.

Preserves Our Forests

Humans consume about 27,000 trees daily for toilet paper. That is alot of trees! By using bamboo and sugarcane can help minimize the effects of deforestation. Please join us to help conserve our forests.

Globally humans cut down around 900,000 trees daily for paper products and 27,000 trees for toilet paper alone! That is a lot of trees. Bamboo & sugarcane are grasses, not hardwoods, they are fast growing and do not require replanting. We wanted to find a sustainable alternative to conventional paper made from trees while minimizing our environmental footprint. And so... Caboo's roots began! Manufacturing facility is fully FSC and ISO 14001 Certified

CBT300-2 6-27843-20273-8 Toilet Tissue 4 Rolls/10 Packs 300 Sheet 2 Ply

CBT300-12 6-27843-20277-6 Toilet Tissue 12 Roll/6 Pack 300 Sheet 2 Ply

CBT550-2 6-27843-20274-5 Toilet Tissue 40 Single Roll 550 Sheets 2 Ply

CBF184 6-27843-34783-5 Facial Tissue 24/184 Sheet 2 Ply Box

CBT75-2 6-27843-20279-0 Towel 2 Rolls/20 Pack 115 Sheet 2 Ply

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